Trust Deed: Notes

The trust deed and note are the required documents whether you are using real property to secure the money you loan, or you are investing in a deed of trust. The trust deed becomes a lien on the property, securing the repayment of the money that is owed according to the stipulations in the note. [...] Read more »

Investing In construction Loans

There are several kinds of construction loans for an investor and we will lay them out for you here. The Improvement And Renovation Construction Loan pertains to making upgrades or improving the property in some way in order to raise the value. A Grounds Up construction Loan is granted based on the assumption that the [...] Read more »

Trust Deed Investing: Enforcing The Loan

While it’s true that investing in trust deeds is relatively safe compared with other investments, there is always the small chance that a borrower will default on his loan for one reason or another. Should such a situation arise there are ways in which the investor can resolve the matter and still come out on [...] Read more »

Pitfalls for Investors to Watch For

As with any investment you may get involved with, it is always a good practice to do your research so you completely understand what is involved in the process.  This is true for trust deed investments as well, even though they are among the safest ways to invest your money.  Although miniscule, some risks exist, [...] Read more »


You’ve come this far, and you’re almost done.  However, just like when you personally buy a house, funding a loan or purchasing a promissory note has to be completed through an escrow process. This impartial third party acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, or in this case, the lender and the [...] Read more »

Borrowers With Special Needs

In the last installment we talked about the circumstances of the “typical” borrower—who he is and what he needs. But there are other typical borrowers who have special circumstances that create the need for a “hard money” or private money loan. When more people can secure loans, the number of trust deed investment opportunities rises. [...] Read more »

Trust Deeds: Private Money Lending

Private money lending is a non-institutionalized, short-term real estate funding opportunity that uses the protective equity of the property as collateral for the loan. There are a number of professional companies that specialize in providing loans that may not be available through traditional lenders. In other words, they obtain money from a variety of sources [...] Read more »

Trust Deeds: A Wise Investment

Investors have a variety of options from which they can choose to invest and grow their money. Each one carries its own risks, game plan and category. From the stock market to deeds of trust and savings bonds, investors can decide where they will put their seed money based on what risks they want to [...] Read more »

Trust Deed Investing Introduction

Trust Deed Investments can provide substantial returns with minimal risk.  Investors have two options available to them for investing in trust deeds, purchasing an existing promissory note or making a loan directly.  While similar in function to traditional mortgages, the main distinction between the two types of investments is that trust deeds involve three different [...] Read more »